About 200 MoUs were signed with Government Agencies and Universities, Research Laboratories and Industries in India as well as abroad during the past ten years. In broad terms a MoU usually envisages one or more of the following.

        Academic Programmes.
        Faculty and Staff Exchange Programmes.
        Research Programmes.
        Short-term Courses/Seminars/Symposia.
        Student Exchange Programmes.
        User-Oriented Programmes.
        Commercialization of Technology.
        Educational and Technical Infrastructure.

We have signed 40 Memoranda of Understanding during the year 2008-09 with industries such as HCL Technologies Ltd., Autodesk India Pvt. Ltd., National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML)., Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), Technology Information Forecasting & Assessment Council (TIFAC), W.R.Grace & Co., Honeywell Technology Solution Lab Pvt Ltd., IFUWWT Indian Consortium, AMADA Co. Ltd & AMADA Soft (India) Pvt. Ltd., Centre for High Technology, New Delhi, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Mumbai.

TEEDE - Towards Excellence in Engineering Dual Education

About the Erasmus project TEEDE :- The Erasmus project TEEDE (Towards Excellence in Engineering Curricula for Dual Education) aims at upgrading/developing curricula in engineering trade by introducing industrial component through an agreement (Memorandum of Understanding between the academia and industry). Unlike a dual degree program, the dual education introduces the industrial component to the curricula in engineering trade instead of an internship thereby modernizing the existing system of professional development by way of shouldering higher responsibility and challenging problems by way of work at the level of Junior Engineer level leading to a possible faster career growth. The project aims to promote the modernization, to expand the availability and to develop the internationalization of higher education in the partner countries; to promote intercultural and interpersonal exchange, the voluntary convergence with the tendencies of the development of higher education in the EU. Prof.Rajesh R Nair, Department of Ocean Engineering is the programme leader at IIT Madras for this new initiative. List of MoUs under TEEDE project.

        MoU between IITM and Hindustan Oil Exploration Company Ltd.,
        MoU between IITM and Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Ltd
        MoU between IITM and MagGenome Technologies Private Ltd.,
        MoU between IITM and Claritrics India Private Limited.