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ISRO - IITM Space Technology Cell

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) – Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) Space Technology Cell was set up by Indian Space Research Organisation, Bangalore in 1986 at IIT Madras with the following objectives:

  •   To generate basic knowledge through advanced academic research.
  •   To tackle multi-disciplinary problems in space technology and its applications.
  •   To strengthen and develop the link between ISRO and IITM.

ISRO - IITM Joint Policy Committee

The ISRO - IITM Space Technology Cell is governed by the ISRO - IITM Joint Policy Committee(JPC). The Director, IIT Madras is the Chairman of the JPC. Dean(IC&SR), IIT Madras is the Convener of the Committee. The Cell is administered by the Office of Industrial Consultancy & Sponsored Research, IIT Madras. The ISRO – IITM JPC consist of members from both ISRO and IIT Madras.


The Joint Policy Committee meets twice every year normally in Jun/Dec to

  •   Review the on-going projects and provides feedback to the Project Coordinators.
  •   Evaluate the new project proposals submitted by faculty members at IIT Madras for possible funding.

Faculty member(PI) from IIT Madras has to identify a Scientist in ISRO centre as a counterpart Co-PI. PI then submits the joint project proposal to Dean(IC&SR). Office of the Dean (IC&SR) sends the new project proposal to the respective ISRO centre for their review and recommendation. The recommended proposals are submitted to the ISRO –IITM JPC for its review and possible funding. Research Areas that ISRO identified are available at click here.

ISRO - IITM STC (in Numbers)



Total Projects Sanctioned

(July 2023)

220 +

Total Projects Sanctioned



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FY 2022-23

7 Projects

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FY 2022-23

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Dr. V. Arumugam,
Chief Manager –Technical,

Office of Industrial Consultancy and Sponsored Research
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