ISRO provides grant for taking up research project through the ISRO – IITM Space Technology CELL at IITMadras. The ISRO – IITM Joint Policy Committee(JPC) consisting of members from ISRO and IITMadras meet twice every year to review the on-going projects and also to evaluate the new proposals received from IITMadras. Faculty members from IITMadras have to identify a Scientist in ISRO as a counterpart and submit a joint proposal for funding under the Cell.

The new proposals are reviewed by the ISRO –IITM Cell which normally meets in Feb/Aug every year. Based on the recommendation of the cell new projects are approved by the Director IITMadras who is the Chairman of the above Cell. Projects are reviewed by the JPC and Coordinators are requested to prepare the progress reports.

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