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About Us

IIT Madras occupies a unique position among the academic institutions in the country as a leader in executing a variety of industrial consultancy and sponsored research projects. The uniqueness lies in the wealth of world-class expertise and extensive modern facilities of the institute. The departments and research centers, manned by over four hundred and fifty highly qualified engineers, scientists and social scientists, cover wide-ranging areas of specialization. Over the past five decades, IIT Madras has served a large number of clients who have expressed great satisfaction. They include State and Central governmental agencies, public and private sector industries and international institutions. The role of the Centre for Industrial Consultancy and Sponsored Research (IC & SR) needs special mention in this context.

IC & SR is responsible for the promotion, facilitation, coordination and administration of all the sponsored and consultancy projects handled by the faculty of IIT Madras. We are proud to have been awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Certification. IIT Madras (IITM) is one of the first educational institutions in India, which initiated promotional activities with industries as early as 1973 with the philosophy of encouraging cross flow of knowledge and experience between the Institute and Industries.


  •     Fostering strong links with industry for collaborative research, technology transfer, and specialized human resource development.

  •     Identifying and protecting intellectual property.

  •     Promoting commercialization and application of technologies and inventions.

  •     Facilitating access to research, expertise and technology databases and selective dissemination of information and

  •     Developing and nurturing international linkages for research and development.


  •     2014: Renovation and Expansion of IC & SR building

  •     2013: Social Networking activities initiated.
  •            - IPM Cell was set up.

  •     2012: Nissan Research Support Program

  •     2011: IIT Madras awarded for filing maximum number of patent by GoI.

  •     2009: NIOT - IITM Cell was set-up.

  •     2008: ISO-9001 Recertification.

  •     2006: ISP– Innovative Student Project.

  •     2004: IDRP – Interdisciplinary Research Project.